Stacey Williams-Ng

Stacey Williams-Ng is a multidisciplinary artist living in Tennessee, with a speciality in visual storytelling.

Among Stacey’s clients are publishing companies, app developers, Fortune 500 companies, and entertainment projects such as movies and albums.

Stacey’s work as an arts consultant and educator has often afforded her opportunities to uplift other artists, making connections that allow them to share their ideas on a large scale. Her online courses with sites like (now LinkedIn learning) and CreativeLive have been viewed and enjoyed by tens of thousands.

Stacey is especially passionate about public art, and has painted murals as far away from home as Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Hobart (Tasmania). From 2016–2020, she was the founder and director of Wallpapered City, an arts agency that helped neighborhoods and communities to install monumental art for placemaking.

Stacey is originally from Memphis, Tennessee where her first teenage job was giving tours of an historic Victorian mansion.


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