Stacey Williams-Ng

I’m a painter and illustrator based in Milwaukee, WI. I am also an instructor at, and a frequent contributor to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and other publications as an arts writer.

Themes in my paintings include performance, femininity and identity; self-awareness and the longing for approval; social media and social interactions; narcissism, and ego.

Books and stories are an important part of my practice, and I teach courses on the subject of storytelling and narrative illustration. I was the Creative Director (and founder) at Little Bahalia Publishing—which is no longer around—but the books we made there are still something to be very proud of. I’m an adjunct faculty member at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD), and an instructor/documentary subject on Please check out my course called “Storytelling for Designers” on

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Stacey Williams-Ng

Selected Works


In my portraits, I explore how people present themselves to the world. I draw parallels between the tradition of spectacle and performance with the more mundane observations that we make about one other in our daily lives. Makeup, costumes and hairstyles factor into a system of adornment that we all employ to project something about ourselves. More broadly, my artwork is an investigation into the archetypes that have shaped our society for centuries. The circus is at once a reflection of these roles, and a home for society’s cast-offs.



Chalk Art

Large-scale chalk art is a passion of mine, and I have traveled far and wide to perform as a chalk artist. My specialty is faces and fairytale subjects. Please feel free to peruse my online portfolio of giant street art and contact me if you’d like me to perform at your next event.


Graphic Design

I was a Creative Director and multimedia graphic designer for most of my adult life—so although the focus of this portfolio website (and my current life) is on my painting & writing, I am still available for the occasional graphic design assignment, if there’s a fit. Please feel free to review my Design Portfolio or contact me if you’d like to discuss a project.