I Could Be Larger

Circus & Carnival series

My current body of work is a series of paintings and drawings of circus and carnival performers in which their acts are seen as metaphors for our own everyday thoughts and feelings. A set of conjoined twins represents inner duality… a stilt-walker illustrates how we all try to walk a little taller, and so on. […]


Ballet series “The Muses”

Paintings from 2013. This year I won the commission to create a work of public art to be installed at Milwaukee Ballet, which was unveiled in October 2013. The paintings are oil on canvas, 68″ x 68″ each. The title of the series is “The Muses.” Each painting represents a muse from Greek mythology, represented by […]

stacey williams ng chalk art

Chalk art

Each summer I do large-scale chalk art, also known as “street painting,” at a variety of festivals and events nationwide. I’m also a frequent performer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire here in Wisconsin.


Southern identity series

For this 2009-2010 series I examined various aspects of identity and Southern cultural heritage as it related to my own story of being an adoptee, and a mother and a daughter. Portfolio includes etchings, oil paintings, and installations.


Children’s Book Illustration

In 2010, I wrote and illustrated “Astrojammies,” one of the first interactive storybook apps for iPad. The next year, it came out as a hardcover picture book by Little Bahalia Publishing. In 2012, I illustrated Ellie Alldredge-Bell’s book “Sitting on a Zinnia,” by Little Creek Press. I’m currently working on another book for Little Bahalia […]